Author Services

I’m an author and active reader, so I realize the importance of proofreading and editing. But, when you’re an indie author, it can be a stretch to find help that fits within your budget. 

I have more than five years of experience in editing, formatting, proofreading, web design, and graphic design. My clients have included The Ohio Employee Ownership Center, Curiosity Quills Press, and independent writers like Michelle Birbeck, Christine Monroe, M. Mabie, and Kayla Curry. 



Editing & Proofreading

I can be a nit-picky and fairly blunt type of editor, but I realize that your work is your baby and I want to make your unique voice shine. I’m not going to change your style or your voice, but I will point out when certain aspects aren’t working or might need elaborated on. I also make it a point to explain my corrections in an effort to help you grow as a writer. Sometimes not all issues can be addressed in one round of edits, especially if significant developmental editing is necessary.

Never submit the first draft of a book for editing! The draft submitted for editing should be as close to ready for publication as you can get it (i.e. beta reading/peer critiques, self-editing, and rewriting should all be addressed). 

Types of editing provided:

• Copy editing – grammar and punctuation (via in-line markup)
• Line editing – prose: paragraph structure, sentence flow, word choice,  voice, style, readability, and pacing (via in-line markup)
• Developmental editing – the craft of storytelling (developmental issues will be discussed via email)

Content/Line editing: $.0035 per word 

Includes one round of editing to address grammar, punctuation, and prose. Notes will be made on developmental issues and storytelling as necessary but the work is developmentally sound before editing begins.

Developmental editing: $.0035 per word

It is not possible to do significant developmental editing at the same time as content/line editing, because large amounts of the story may change through this process. When possible, authors should get developmental notes from critique partners and beta readers–good readers at this stage greatly reduces the amount of developmental editing needed.

Developmental and Content/Line editing: $.0060 per word

Includes two rounds of editing, the first billed at $.0035 per word to address development and a second, billed at $.0025 per word to address grammar, punctuation, and prose.

Sample Edit

If we have not worked together, I will do a sample edit so you can get a feel for how I work and we can decide if we will be a good fit. With the sample edit, I will also break down the needs of the story and indicate how I would move forward and the anticipated price range for the edits.


Proofreading: $.0015 per word

If we haven’t worked together, I’m happy to do a short sample edit so you can get a feel for the way I work and decide whether or not we’d be a good fit.


Note: I edit and proofread according to the Chicago Manual of Style. 


eBook Formatting: $15 + $1 per chapter

Paperback Formatting: $20 + $1 per chapter

eBook & Paperback Formatting (when booked simultaneously): $20 + $1.50 per chapter

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Facebook Cover Image: $10

Twitter Header Image: $10

Blog Header: $25

Blog Tour Button: $15

Advert: $15+ Depending on size and detail

Artwork for other Swag: $15 per item or design

eBook Covers: $50-$125

eBook & Print Cover: $125-$175

*Prices vary due to cost of stock content and number of images used

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Migration of blog or website to self-hosted website: $100

Includes transfer of all information from old site as well as design and basic set up of new site.


Payment plans may be available and special rates may be available when multiple services are booked!


Who are the "Peasants"?


Fel Wetzig took on my short story and did a fantastic job. She was quick, thorough and consistent. She caught errors and helped me revise. I feel that my story  is so much better since being looked over by her eye. I would recommend her services to any author out there. She not only points out mistakes, but explains why they are mistakes. Since working with her, I have found that I have already improved my writing by watching the areas I need to work on, which she respectfully pointed out.

Kayla Curry, author of  the Mystic Stones Series and the Vibe Series