A new dark romantic suspense! You don't know her, but you probably already know *him*. ;)
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About the Book

One day, they’ll call me Lilith and bow at my feet….

Like a weed, I thrive where I’m not supposed to. I stand tall despite my infertile upbringing and the surrounding hostiles who threaten me every day.
No, “despite” isn’t entirely correct, I do it all to spite them.
I’ll take on anyone who crosses me or my club–even though to them I’m as dispensable as it comes. But, mark my words, I’ll show them. I’ll show them who’s tougher. I don’t put up with their shit because I’m weak, I take it because soon, they’ll see it only makes me stronger.
I’m a She-Devil and I intend to make them all eat their words when they finally see what it really means to be a Devil.

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