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The creation of Trent Davis was a spur of the moment thing. I just needed someone at the end of Irrevocable to help wrap things up, and for the first few drafts, he was just known as the blond detective. Before publishing, I decided that he needed a name, and over a few messages with Rachel Brookes, Trent Davis was born (and spoiler alert: Rachel also inspired the name of Brooke).

Trent's first appearance in Irrevocable

“Davis,” a man from across the room yelled and the blond next to me nodded in acknowledgement.

Outsiders. I felt them watching me. They saw the girl dressed up like a slut and used as a toy. I wanted to curl up and hide under the table.

“Rose,” the blond next to me patted my cheek. “Do you know where they went?”

“Helicopter,” I pointed in the direction they’d gone when they left. “That way.”

“Do you know how to get to the roof?”

I shook my head, why would anyone let a slave on the roof?

“James is going to be okay,” he whispered. “He’s tough shit; you don’t get rid of that so easily.”

I pulled my eyes away from the mess on the floor, they’d packed his wound, but he still hadn’t moved again. Hadn’t made a sound.

“You were his contact?” I whispered. “Trent?”

“Yeah, he wanted to get you out long before now.”

“I know.” I felt void of all emotion, of all feeling. People shuffled around me. Footsteps. Radios crackling.

The world moved impossibly slow and yet so fast that my mind couldn’t keep up.

I was about to lose everything I’d known for the past few weeks. Good or bad. I was about to be thrust into yet another new life. I couldn’t go back to who I was before. I’d never see that girl again, no matter how long I looked.

From there, he developed over the course of Unbreakable (Bend, Don't Break) as James's best friend, confidant, and sometimes voice of reason. Covered in tattoos, Trent doesn't always come of as your typical clean-cut detective, but he's determined to a fault and rises above his peers.

"Trent put up his hands, and everyone in the room stopped talking. For a young guy, he had the makings of a leader for the department—if only he was inclined to get involved with internal politics."

James and Trent reunite in Unbreakable

As promised, Trent came in the next morning, and my visitor restrictions were lifted—to an extent. The doctor’s new rules still only allowed for Trent and close family members.

I rubbed the exhaustion from my eyes—running a marathon was less tiresome than laying in a bed for days on end, and the meds didn’t help. “Fucking hospitable of them to finally let me have visitors the day before I’m supposed to be released.”

“I hear you’ve been quite the agreeable patient, too. It’s no wonder they won’t let you talk to anyone, they probably want to keep you around.” He wheeled over the tall stool from the corner and took a seat next to me. It was nearly eight in the morning, and no surprise, he was already dressed in his suit and tie—all ready for work. I think the thing he liked most about suits was the shocked expression he usually got when people saw below the layers of fabric. He had more tattoos than me, and I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear about a few new ones since the last time we’d actually been able to sit down and have a chat in person.

Tattoos weren’t what I cared about though, and happy as I was to see my best friend, first I had to address the issue niggling at my mind.

“Have you talked to Rose?”

Trent grunted and sat back in a chair, propping his feet up on the bed frame. “Just jumping right to the point, eh? I’m not playing double operative for either of you.”

“I’ll interpret that as a yes.”

He glared back at me, but he’d given me enough to keep me sated for a while. I assumed that Dr. Combs had already informed him of the agreement.

In the romance department, he's been a bit of a drifter. He's loyal, honest, and well, undeniably sexy, but there's something stopping him from pursuing a relationship beyond casual sex or short-term relationships. A hole he hasn't been able to fill since he lost his first love at a young age (see Unbreakable).

James reveals Trent's first love

“He needs a girlfriend. He’s a nice guy.”

“Don’t tell him that.” And don’t get any ideas. I didn’t need any fodder to add to my unwarranted suspicions.

“Why?” Her eyes drifted closed again, even though she was clearly fighting it.

“I—” My throat closed. I didn’t want to have that conversation. “He doesn’t take it well. Had a girl he loved once and it didn’t….”

“She break his heart?”

“She broke a lot of people’s hearts.” Mine. Trent’s. My entire family’s.

Rose’s eyes popped open and she shot upright, all traces of sleep suddenly gone. “He dated your sister? But—”

I pulled her back, lifting her so she sat in my lap, her head tucked against my shoulder. I wasn’t sure how she figured it out so easily or if it was just a fluke of a guess. “They started dating in junior high school—even though I wasn’t allowed to date in junior high, she managed to get her way fairly often. Even I tended to give her what she wanted—when we weren’t too involved in sibling rivalries. She grew up fast anyway. When she was in seventh grade, he took her to the junior high school dance, and they continued dating for the next two years. He was with us every time she was admitted to the hospital.”

He was with her until she died….

“You were friends back then?”

“Been friends since Kindergarten. He had a single mom, so my parents told her to drop him off any time she had to work. We were all close, but it was a surprise when he asked her out,” I shrugged. I’d wrestled with their relationship a few dozen times. Trent had nearly a year and a half on my sister, and their relationship also meant that she usually ended up crashing our weekend plans, but I generally acted more upset than I really was, just to give her a hard time.

Usually being the operative word. There were also the times I wanted to blacken his eye over it.

Maybe he'll finally find what he's been looking for in Brooke--if they don't hurt, kill, or maim each other first.

You'll find appearances by Trent throughout the Sins of Ashville books.

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