Express Yourself: Favorite Book Couples

I saw this on a blog last week and decided to jump in this week because it looks like fun. I’m a little late to the party this month, but if you want to check it out or visit the other participants just head to the Express Yourself page.

Tell us about some book couples you adore.

I fear most of these are going to involve vampires.

Diana and Matthew (All Souls Trilogy)

*swoon* Do I have to explain further?

Okay, it took a while for Diana to grow on me, in the beginning of Discovery of Witches I found her a little irritating, but as she grows and accepts who she is, I think she becomes the perfect counterpart to Matthew. Matthew is powerful, possessive, and also a slightly at odds with himself, bearing a lot of regret for the things he’s done over the years. I love how they compliment each other and make each other stronger through everything–and how they push each other’s buttons 😉

Merit and Ethan (Chicagoland Vampires)

I love the tension between these two. There’s always something going on to push them apart and it drives me insane! Yet, I love seeing them work through it, each with their stubborn ways. And when Ethan swoons over a car–oh my!! I have Wild Things on Audible and I’ll probably start listening to it at work–I can’t wait to see where everything goes next.

Sally, Vance, and Galen (Masters of the Shadowlands)

I simply can’t resist these three. I wasn’t sure I wanted to jump into this book because I suspected a different kind of love triangle where Sally would have to choose by the end, but wow! The chemistry in this book was fantastic, and I loved how each of them brought something different to the relationship and kept it balanced without butting heads–especially for 2 Masters and a sub.

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