Fractured Legacy Reviews

“I love all the twists and turns in this book…. And the banter – OMG! Perfect between each character….” (read more….)
★★★★★ Courtney, Love N Books

“The further I got in to the story, the faster I turned the pages. I was completely immersed in it.” (read more….)
★★★★★ The Reading Cow

“The ending scenes had me on the edge of my seat, behind a cushion hugging my dog.” (read more….)
★★★★★ Julie Darley, Never judge a Book by its Movie

“This was one book where there was no need for me to skip around and jump from exciting part to exciting part. I read every single word.” (read more….)
★★★★★  Joy Hancock

“The author has such an amazing way with words, and knows exactly when to use them and how to have the desired effect.”
★★★★★  Sunshine & Mountains Book Reviews & More