Market Research: How to find bestselling authors and books on Amazon

Finding the top categories and authors on Amazon will play a huge role in your market research.

You’ll want to start your research on either of these pages:

Amazon Best Sellers in Kindle eBooks or Amazon Best Sellers in Books

Since eBooks will likely be the biggest portion of your income, usually the eBook best sellers will be the best place to gather your information. Once on the page, scroll down until you find your genre or similar genres on the left.

For example, if you scroll down and select Romance, then the sub-genre Mystery & Suspense, and finally Suspense, you’ll see the top 100 paid ebooks in this category. These are the authors and books you’ll want to research.

Be as specific as possible when choosing your categories for research, and try to choose the categories you intend to publish under. Knowing how to find this information will not only give you an idea of what authors are popular in the genre, but also what their title, cover design, and keywords might be if you study their blurbs and other categories.

A second method to your research might be looking at only the best selling authors on the Amazon Author Rank page. Here, you’ll also select your target genre on the left side and you’ll be able to look through the top 100 authors in that genre.