Publishing Conundrum: Where? When? WHY?? 4

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My goal as an author has always been to publish wide. I’ve loved working at iBooks, and at times, I made more there than Amazon, but overall, this isn’t the case.

Kindle Unlimited

It’s my frenemy. I love it. I hate it (I hate exclusivity).

But… it’s true, I can’t live without it. Last year, I saw a lot of success with Kindle Unlimited through the spring and summer, but during the fall slump, I was approached by a publisher who wanted to put Irrevocable back on iTunes.

Great! The backing of a publishing company on a distributor I have enjoyed working with.

But there has been a caveat. I’m still making far, far, less and getting far fewer readers than I was on Kindle Unlimited. So, I did a poll on some of my social media pages and most of my readers are on Amazon and many prefer reading through Kindle Unlimited.

And thus, the conundrum.

I hate excluding readers on other platforms, but my furbabies have to eat. So, I’m going back into Kindle Unlimited–for the most part. It’s a quick turn-around, and I’m disappointed in that as well, but I only had 60 days from re-publishing on iBooks with the publisher to make a decision. Some of my novellas will remain on all distributors, and I’ll leave them available FREE.

But my novels will be exclusive to Amazon by the end of the month. 

I love you all, no matter what distributor you read on, so I’m going to set up a plan to make my books available on all platforms for a limited time.

All pre-orders will be available on ALL platforms (in fact, She-Devil is available for pre-order everywhere except Amazon right now), and they’ll remain available for two weeks after publication. Figuring out a system for my backlist is going to take a little more planning, but I hope to find a balance that helps all of my readers, and I’ll keep that plan and information posted here on my website so you’ll know when and where you can pick up all of my books.

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4 thoughts on “Publishing Conundrum: Where? When? WHY??

  • Maria

    I understand your conundrum, and, while I don’t have a KU membership, I still buy on a variety of platforms because there are many authors who publish across different platforms. So, I have a Kindle Fire as well as a Nook, and I also read on my computer, where I have the Kindle, Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, and Adobe Acrobat apps. If you’re offering your books wide for the first couple of weeks before going into KU, then I think that’s the best compromise that you can make.

  • Robin Malone

    On black Friday, you can usually get a kindle fire for 30.00. And they have these sales randomly too. It would be worth spending the money to have access to your books! Also, kindle unlimited is on average 40% off during black Friday. Just something to keep in mind. 💗