Sins of Ashville

Welcome to Ashville!

Ashville is a fucked up town, much like any other town, really. Maybe you already live in Ashville. Maybe you’ve already visited.

One thing is certain though, once the darkness of this city gets its claws into you, you’ll never be the same–if you ever make it out. Sex sells, pain is free, and the line between good and bad is more delicate than a line of coke.

Sins of Ashville

A collection of interconnected dark romantic suspense storylines and characters.

Irrevocable (Serpentine 1)
Bend, Don’t Break (Serpentine 2)
Insurmountable (Serpentine 0.5)

Ignition (The Redline Series 1)
Torque (The Redline Series 2)
Brake (The Redline Series 3)
Exhaust (The Redline Series 4)
Clutch (The Redline Series 5)


While working on She-Devil, I realized that I needed an umbrella to house all of my inter-connected stories to make it easier for readers to follow along. And so, “Sins of Ashville” was created. Going forward, you’ll see the burning heart logo on any current and upcoming books that are a part of this world. Each story or set of stories will stand on it’s own, but if you want to catch glimpses of your favorite characters or maybe pay them a visit down the road and see what they’ve been doing since you saw them last, you can pick up one of the other “Sins of Ashville” books.