The Peasants Revolt

Who are the “Peasants”?

Well, I’ve been writing stories since I learned how to write and read. There are always voices in my head demanding a story, telling me snippets of their lives, and taking me on adventures. 

In High School, I took up other hobbies; band, choir, college classes, art… you know, traditional nerd high school stuff. 😎

Writing fell by the wayside, and my characters weren’t happy. One night, I had a dream that they all started to rebel, yelling “The Peasants Revolt,” and storming the castle to take control. It’s something that has stuck with me through the years. I used to doodle stick characters all over my notes in school–all of my “peasants”–creating comic-style stories in the margins of every sheet of paper. So, when it came time to name my first blog, who better to name it after than my crazy characters? From there, it has evolved into the official name of my company through which I publish my own books and offer author services to others.