Useful Tools for Authors: Writing

Write or Die

I have the windows version of Write or Die 2 and it’s a great way to push yourself to get as many words as possible within a set time. You can set up rewards or punishments for yourself as you go to make sure you’re not slacking, and there’s a nice distraction-free workspace.

Last I checked, the creator was launching Write or Die 3 with increased functionality. And, you can use either version on the web for free. If you’re the type that needs a little extra motivation to hit those word goals, this is a fantastic program (just use Kamikaze mode with care).


I think many folks have a love-hate relationship with Scrivener. It is a difficult program to learn and I walked away from it a few times in frustration. However, it’s the go-to program for many authors and provides everything you need to organize your thoughts.

My favorite part about scrivener is the ability to put each new scene in a different file within the document. If you don’t always write in chronological order, this is amazing because you can write out scenes as you think of them and then drag and drop them into the right order. It also has note-card functionality to help you plot, and an area to keep your notes and research.

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