What is a “Real” Author?: Owning Your Title and Your Business

Time for another Resource Round-up! I’m doing this one a little differently since I have a bit to say before I get to the resources at the end.

hand-281995_640I think there has always been a question as to what makes a real author? Can they be indie, traditionally published, published with a small press, all or any combination of the above…. Thanks to some recent events, the question has been the focus of some larger debates and discussions, so what is an author?

Authors are Authors

An author is an author! Just like a business owner is a business owner.

Someone opens their own coffee shop, we don’t question whether or not that person is a REAL business owner because they didn’t join a franchise (I’m not saying a publishing house is like a franchise, but for comparative purposes it’s as close as I could come up with). We just don’t do it! When a person owns a business and the doors of that business are open to customers, that person is a business owner. Simple as that.

I work with a lot of businesses from start-ups to buyouts and everything in between. At our yearly conference we don’t separate the owners who inherited their business, from the ones who bought their business, or the ones who started their business. They’re all business owners and they all face many of the same problems–even though there are special considerations in each scenario and they might need some extra guidance in one way or another.

Authors are Business Owners

calculator-178124_640Authors are authors no matter how we follow the path, some of us have different kinds of teams to help us, but in the long run, it’s still our business.  We are inherently business owners.

From the very onset of becoming an author, it’s important that we treat it just like a business owner would treat their business. This means you need a business plan, written down and saved somewhere that you can access it on a regular basis and make sure that you’re on track, your platform is good, and your marketing strategy is still sound. It’s the basis of your business, and you’re going to have to tweak it often, but it’ll force you to sit down and take a serious look at everything you’re doing.

Resource Round-Up

Now let’s put your author title and business owner status to work. If you want to make a career out of writing, then just like the guy who opened his own coffee shop, you need a business plan. Creating a business plan can be daunting, but overlooking how important it is can seriously impact how you move forward with your business.

These are some great resources to get you started in planning out your business:

There are lots of other resources out there, and I did numerous Google searches as I was completing my business plan, but these are a few that will get you started and at least help you outline the process.

If you have any additional resources, please leave them in the comments!

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